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Marcos Baugh

About Me

I’ve been volunteering for The First Tee program and reaching out to different community centers for the past 10 years. I come from a family of educators of both in the classroom and in sports. I’ve been golfing since I was nine but always knew that golf wasn’t a sport that was about the dream of becoming a professional. Golf is just to be played. Took me a while to get that. Which is why I have to be honest with kids and tell them how difficult golf is. Golf is unique in which no matter how bad or good you are it will always teach you something. I’m here to provide that opportunity whether they go pro or just need to let off some steam.

The Mission

At Urban Golf Club the goal is to bridge the social and economic gaps in our neighborhoods. Golf provides life lessons and opportunities that will empower the youth. The core values that UGC has adopted are patience, humility, and accountability. Urban Golf Club is the exposure to this great game. And lastly, we will be instilling the importance of education and financial literacy.

The objective at Urban Golf Club is to expose inner city youth to the life  and socioeconomic tool  that is golf.

During these 6 weeks we will be learning how to play the game of golf and how to utilize it for the tool that it is.

LLearning the basics of building wealth.


Marcos Baugh

"Golf is hard"


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