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During these 6 weeks we will be learning how to play the game of golf and how to utilize it for the tool that it is.



Transportation, Equipment, Safe Environment, Food, Trusted Instruction, and Socioeconomic Skills.


10 Percenters Club

- Discussion Topics During Practice

- Business Brainstorming

- Saving Strategies

- Weekly Saving Update

The Curriculum


1.     Weeks 1-5: Warm ups


2.     Weeks 1-5: Patience, Humility, and Accountability     breakdown 


3.     Week 1-5: Games, Relays, Obstacle Courses 


4.     Quick Break Down of the game 

        Week 1: How to play

        Week 2: Equipment

         Week 3: Basic terms

         Week 4: Etiquette

         Week 5: Breakdown review

         Week 6: On Course Experience 

         Indoor sessions for rainy days



5.      Lessons (quick week prior recaps) 

         Week 1: Stance and backswing

         Week 2: Stability and follow through

          Week 3: Short game and putting

          Week 4: Short game and putting

          Week 5: All together lesson

          Week 6: On Course (TBD)


 6.      Practice, 10 Percenters Club, Caddying 101


- The Program -

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